Monday, December 13, 2010


There are things that just happen. Things that are not meant to happen in day to day life or rather in normal routine. But sometimes they did, and then the so called ‘reason’ which is presumed to exist for every situation draws the interest of the people around you. They all just start asking for the ‘reason’ as if it is very simple to spit it out and even they act as if they have never came across one. But in spite of all this, they all just keep on asking what’s the matter? What happened?? Why are you like this and that and a lot more.....?
These things just make you feel useless!! You just tend to feel as if there is no meaning of your existent in this world. That your existence does not make any change in the current scenario and you start doubting your presence, your birth, your existence in the so called ‘living’ world. You just become a non-living, being a living one in a fraction of seconds and the whole world around you seems like a stranger. You start hating things around, feels frustrated and try to ignore everything at once. It seems like there is no use in living up in here. In this situation, one thing that acts as an only friend is Loneliness! Even if it is not the solution, at least it will not ask any question. It will just stay with you as long as you wish, listen to whatever you say continuously, never get bored of you and the most important point is that it never ever argue and never complain for anything. It just let you completely spit out everything out of your mind and become normal once again.
The same thing can be performed by some person also only if he/she understands your state of mind properly and clearly. Only if that person understands how it feels to be like this. Only if that person knows how to handle you at that time, how to tackle with your presence of mind and more importantly only if that one person care for you and knows about your importance.
But one thing that no one ever bothered to ask for is that why something like this happens?? Why the reasons for such things just arise from nowhere?? People generally ask for the reason for the happening but no one ever asked for a reason to the reason. Why such things just come across our minds and make us feel like that?? Why?? Is it really because of the things happening around us or is it just an inception of mind?? But one thing is for sure that whenever something like this happens, your mind just start working faster and that too in making the situation worse. It never tries to solve out the problem but on the other hand finds out more instances to make it look worse and its effect even more painful. Sometimes, the pain and sufferings are not beared by you only but by your near and dear ones also who are aware of this that increases the intensity of the pain.
So, the only thing that is useful in such scenario is to think of your close ones, think how much you meant for them, how much they love you, miss you, care for you, that you are not alone here and you have been here on this planet for a purpose to be fulfilled. That these things are just highs and lows of life and one have to be strong in countering them.
And one more thing which I strongly feel is that on your life, more than you, someone else have a greater right i.e. Your Parents. You just cannot take a decision on how to quit as this life is a gift given to you by them and you just cannot forget about them. You cannot just decide on something that does not belong to you and that is not yours. You need to understand that you are here for some reason and there is no use pondering over your existence on this planet. Better leave this tension and all on ALMIGHTY and you serve HIS purpose for which you have been sent.


  1. Your post are amazing felt within with each word