Monday, September 27, 2010

You Do Matter

There are times in life when you start to feel the importance of people around you. You start realizing the effect they have on you and how much you are in need of them. But what I have noticed is that, many people just let that feeling pass by and never try to express that to that special someone. Some of them don’t even bother about that feeling. Same was the case with me, until today.
It was just today that when I was sitting beside my best buddies in the college, I realized what it gonna be living without them and how. I know that I may sound a bit emotional presently and some of you may even say “aaj itna senti kyun ho raha hai??”.. or even you can say.. “Piya hai kya??”… ;)… but deep in your heart you all will also agree to what I say and I am pretty confident about that. It is just normal human nature, not to show to someone that how you feel about him/her or in other case they are often afraid what others will think of them. But one thing that I have learnt, through all these years of my life, is that, never to loose a chance to express your feelings about anyone. It just gives a great feeling to both. Believe me!
For me, there are two people in my life. Both of them mean a lot to me. They are always there for me everywhere and anywhere I could wish them as a friend, a mentor, a guide, a family, or a support. They are there whenever I need a person to blame or to tease, for any celebration and for handling other issues. And even in my conscience, I know that they both have cared for me a lot, more than themselves but, as I said, they never tried to express and show their feelings towards me.
There is nothing much that I have mentioned here about them because I am pretty sure that I will not do any justice to their value in my life by writing about them here and it is even not possible. But what I have felt today is that they are one of my best assets in life. I am very fortunate to have them in my life and wish never to loose them.
This is dedicated to them. May GOD always be with them.


  1. My boy, it seems your clock is clicking. I won't say you are becoming "senti" or "piya hai kya". I'd won't even say your feminine hormones are tickling to make you write. :) Anyway, I will rather be patiently waiting for you first novel to come in the National Paper. hats off.

  2. First of all, thanks for the great compliment. ;)
    But i think thats too much you are expecting.. You know how i am and i am never into this writing stuff. Rather i will wait for the day when you will write your first novel and i will be first one to get the first copy of it signed from you.

  3. Puneet, we thought you weren't into writing but yet you are here transcribing your emotions.We have waited patiently for this day and we will, for the day your first book comes out,shouldering ourselves to catch hold of that precious first copy and get your signature imprinted on it.